business wireless broadband

Wireless internet solutions tailored specifically to your area. Get fast internet to your business premises wherever the location.
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quality wireless broadband for your business premises

Through our network partners, we're able to provide fast wireless internet connections to business premises that others can't service. Using the latest broadband technologies, rural businesses can benefit from internet speed of 40Mbps to 1Gbps.

Our technology partners deliver internet via a fixed wireless network. This technology allows a connection via microwave waves rather than cables.

A transmitter placed on your building sends and receives data wirelessly, but passes a cable into your building which allows you to connect to the internet in the same way you normally would.

Unlike satellite internet, fixed wireless connections do not suffer from latency and are not limited in speeds they can deliver.
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business wireless broadband

reliable business wireless broadband

Through our technology partners, we're able to deliver fast, reliable wireless broadband to businesses where they need it most.
fast broadband

Dedicated Broadband Connections from 5Mbps to 1Gbps


Secure & Reliable Data Encryption for Information Security


Quick to Deploy & Easily Scalable as Your Business Needs Change


Can Deliver High Speeds in Many Areas Where Fibre Isn't Available

wireless broadband packages available for every business

Our technology partners bring speeds of 5Mbps-1Gbps to places other providers can't reach. Using state of the art technology on their own private network we can supply wireless internet to your business via broadband or a leased line.
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Our business wireless broadband packages offer something for everyone. No matter your requirements, whether a standard broadband connection or leased line. We tailor our packages to suit your business needs and budget.
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