Microsoft 365 Business Voice

The phone system built for Office 365 is perfect for small and medium businesses.
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The convenience of Microsoft 365 Business Voice but with the added benefits of a professional service.

 Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a great product. If you rely on Office 365 in your organisation, having a fully integrated communication solution can really take you to the next level.

However, it's not perfect. There are a few key features missing from Microsofts 365's offering. As well as only offering limited call routing, Business Voice does not include extensions and is without call recording - essential features for certain businesses.

By wrapping MS 365 Business Voice in our services we're able to fill in the gaps and deliver a truly complete communications solution.
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microsoft 365 business voice

supercharge your microsoft 365 business voice

Our added features make Microsoft 365 Business Voice the complete communications system for businesses using Office 365.

Call Recording

An important feature for certain types of business. Enable call recording on Office 365.

Number Extensions

Get straight to the right person with direct dial call extensions added on top.
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Number Management

We take the stress out of porting numbers into Microsoft 365 Business Voice.
call routing

Worldwide Call Routing

Go beyond the basic options with worldwide call routing as standard.

Get started for just £6.66 per user

Our pricing is designed to be flexible and simple. A monthly fee for 1 channel with inclusive minutes. Add extra DDI's and call recording features as needed.
1 Channel
1500 Minutes
3 Direct Dials
Additional DDI's £1/month
Call Recording £5/month
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